Why SawyerEquity1

• You will not have to spend countless hours combing through data sources or create arbitrary DEI targets
• We use an all-inclusive, qualitative and quantitative, approach for crafting the right internal and external DEI benchmarks for your organization.
• We combine your data with a host of external sources to provide targeted insights and compelling visuals that will help you increase your team’s diversity.
• We’ve been developing diversity goals for over 25 years. Join us for the next step in advancing diversity and inclusion.

Training & Education

  • To meet the needs of today’s HR and training professionals, SawyerEquity1 has developed practical online courses. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these courses will help reduce your company’s liability and facilitate your diversity goals. Our curriculum was developed by professors and include a focus on these and more D&I related issues:o Implicit Bias
  • We create a safe environment for participants to learn about their hidden (implicit) biases
  • Our training is designed to provide substantive content, strengthening your critical thinking skills, within that safe learning environment.
  • Most people are good hearted and well-intentioned, they often lack the awareness, knowledge, of the power of implicit bias. All too often the solution is to interact less with co-workers who are different from them primarily because they don’t want to offend them.
    • System 1: Is the unconscious mode, which helps us make snap judgements and is where our schemas live
    • System 2: Is our deliberate mind. i.e. the conscious mode that is active in explicit biases.
  • Implicit biases are unwitting and unconscious cognitions that include stereotypes, beliefs, attitudes, intuitions, gut feelings, and related intangibles, that we categorize in our brains – without conscious effort – every fraction of a second.
  •  We follow a similar approach in all of the core areas of training.
    •  Microaggressions
    •  Cultural Competency
    •  Privilege
    • o Recruiting & Retaining a diverse workforce
  • Cultural Competency
  • Privilege
  • Recruiting & Retaining a diverse workforce

Tailored Coaching Solutions

  •  Coaching used to be an “executive perk” for large company executives to help them make better business decisions
  • Today, coaching is rapidly being recognized as one of the best strategic weapons a company can have in its DEI arsenal
  • Our coaching solutions build leadership and management strength helps leaders understanding where they want to go, and the things that they would have to do to get there.
  • It is often lonely at the top for chief executives as they generally keep their own counsel, mainly because they find it difficult to discuss matters with colleagues and cannot or choose not to share their concerns with spouses and families
  • Our DEI coaching is a highly-personal learning process
  • It involves action learning and working in partnership, combining our coach’s observations and capabilities with DEI expertise
  • The result is that the leader achieves better and faster results-oriented outcomes.
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